Google Glass Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

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When Google officially unveiled Glass’s specs, the company left out a few key pieces of the puzzle, namely the processor, exact iteration of Android and amount of RAM. But thanks to a few hackers digging deep into the guts of Glass, we know (almost) all there is to know about the search giant’s new wearable computer.
Through an Android Debug Bridge, Liam McLoughlin and Jay Lee were able to discern all kinds of information about Glass. According to Lee, Glass sports Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, a dual-core OMAP 4430 and 682MB of RAM. The data, though, was a bit difficult to determine. We still don’t know the clock speed of the CPU.
The specs themselves aren’t particularly noteworthy, especially in an age where we’re obsessed with the very latest available. Many of Glass’s capabilities rely on a companion smartphone anyway, so what’s included right now—at least in the Explorer Edition—might not really indicate performance.
Until Google comes forward with complete specs, what Lee and McLoughlin revealed is what we’ll go on. A consumer-wide release isn’t expected for many more months, so the innards could certainly change by then. For now, Google is still feeling out how best to use Glass, and relying on developers to help fulfill its full potential. Hopefully by then actually using Glass won’t be so weird.

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