Nokia EOS Prototypes Allegedly Being Tested in the Wild

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One lucky individual has allegedly seen ’s upcoming EOS handset—the company’s 41-megapixel, Windows Phone 8 monster—and it sounds like a cross between the Lumia 920, 925 and 928. Apparently the device rivals the 920 at its thickest point, but tapers off at both ends to give off a slimmer appearance. The device, though, is much lighter than a 920, and it’s made of the same polycarbonate materials, so you know it’ll be solid.
Additionally, the source said the device comes with a Xenon flash—both lens and flash are similar to the 808 PureView—and there’s supposedly a red LED beside the flash to assist with focus. The camera itself has a lens cover for protection, which opens when you jump into the camera app, and there’s a manual focus option for more control when shooting. Nokia is also developing a new app called Nokia Pro Camera that will complement the device’s regular photo app.
A release date is still unclear, but Nokia has hinted at the possibility of a July/August timeframe. Seeing as people are already getting their eyes on the device, it sure sounds like prototypes are being tested. An earlier report from April suggested Nokia was testing two different models, one of which had a Snapdragon 800 chip, so perhaps something more concrete will take shape soon.

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