Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK 0.3.130076 Non Rooted

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK 0.3.130076 Non Rooted

Checkout Star Wars Galaxies of heroes and this is a free game in the play store. the trip to download word limits are introduced to the galaxy of Heroes hollow tables in bio path to fame and fortune is the top player as he maybe one day you can take him down a few bags as I was saying this is going to be like heroes villains from across the galaxy you leave them in tibet upgrade them and other data card against you can buy these things but first a little bit further are they aware stormtrooper under the bed it’s time to check out these droids trial basic its act so you take that the Telegraph Final Fantasy 10 by striking the camera sure they won’t Reuters basic attack ships special move time I say he’s gonna heal us special move for the truth of any kind of can move their victory over year so the graphics are looking pretty good I’m pretty happy to get that UN and of. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK 0.3.130076 course is to purchase office does so I just had two of those days where you can get their taxes by purchasing data crowds with Christos chromium get into the thing when they get what they get so yeah also miss daily activities to XP so what the battle at all characters use the training Droid and lock your car first up artists selected so trying Droid looks like leveling up in customisation you can do Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK for god mode and auto heal your heroes. as you just told us that they went up a little bit and we can do something over here to battle battle ok when this nice hammering them. Game is currently available only for testers and some players. global release is near.

What’s New: v 0.3.130076
New gameplay tweaks include:
• New Protection mechanic: Provides Characters with additional survivability after reaching Gear Lvl VII. The protection meter must deplete prior to affecting the Character’s health.
• Armor/Resistance have been made more valuable
• Advantage now grants a 100% Critical Chance on the next attack
• Faster characters will see a damage reduction while slower Characters will see an increase

What’s In The MOD:
– Increased Player Damage
– God Mode
– Galactic War Table unlocked
– No Skill/Attack Cooldown

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 0.3.130076



Download Links:

Install NORMAL APK and Complete the tutorial first then install MOD APK FILE over your installed NORMAL GAME and Play.

Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK 0.3.130076 Non Rooted


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