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Guardian hunter superbrawlRPG is a mix of Action and RPG, Version MOD APK You get to start from level 1 as a guardian hunter, Find your way to get to the top by beating those monsters and their bosses. Guardian Hunter SuperbrawlRPG MOD APK Climb the leadershipboard and claim your prizes. Play events or complete missions to get new weapons and upgrade the. Evolve them. Basically this types of can not be modded for the money so there is only way to cheat in this game is to MOD and HACK attack damage dealt to enemies or increase health to infinity points so that monsters can not damage us or set monsters kill points to 0-1 so they do minimal damage to our player. this is the only way we can play online Android hacked. Guardian hunter superbrawlRPG is one of the online game we have played on Android. Guardian hunter MOD APK file Android for Unlimited mana, one hit kill and god mode which lets you advance in the game easily.

What’s New: v
1) New area ’Astanian temple’added
5 new stages, more than 20 types of new monsters, and new guardians.
2) New ‘Gem system’ will make equipment stronger
When you equip gems into gem slots, special stats according to the gem’s attribute will be activated.
3) Battle between guilds in ‘Guild War’
Strategic Party PvP content
4)Explore dungeons with allies in ‘Co-op play’
You can play with Max. 3 users. Winning depends on the guardian composition per user.

What’s In The MOD:
1. x10 attack
2. x50 defense
3. Unlimited Mana
4. No Skill Cooldown

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up




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Install APK and play online.

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