Deep character driven emotional elements in this charming lovable humor which coupled with its intelligent and well balanced gameplay systems makes it one of the best the series has to offer I think much of the credit should be given to Hiroyuki Ito who came back for a second time in the series and for the first time in exclusively as the game’s director either had co-directed Final Fantasy 6 with your classic who had been a protege of psychology and work closely with him in a directorial role on many of the previous games but after playing through Final Fantasy nine I really feel like second country in detail with a better pair Final Fantasy nine takes place in the vast imaginative world called on a continent that has blanketed by a mysterious virulent missed of unknown origin dismissed emanating mythical pernicious and even transformative qualities is also discovered to be an abundant energy source which the more powerful nations put earnest used to facilitate their extravagant civilizations because the continent is vastly mountainous natural barriers created from divisions between these kingdoms the most notable of which are Alexandria to the northeast and Lindblom to the southwest the other came from Misha and Clara are by no means prominent in body more of an isolationist mentality relying instead on a more kicks works for energy the game begins with a group of bandits content Willis under the guise of the traveling theater troupe executing a secret mission issued by the region of limbal to kidnap the princess of Alexandria it’s within these opening moments that were introduced to many of the principal characters in the story the player takes control first of sadam a confident and very capable member of tent was was also the primary peace induction next two players introduced to the CD a young black males with exceptional skill but timid demeanor as he explores Alexandria leading up to the anticipated performance. Final Fantasy nine is my absolute favorite game in the series but I can say that from an objective place of announces and when juxtaposed with the games that came before it it is the best and closest to the ideal Final Fantasy.

What’s New: v 1.1.9
・Fixed the cloud save errors that occured on some models.
・Fixed the bug where disembarking from a Chocobo or airship can cause Zidane to disappear and players to be unable to progress in the game.
・Other minor bugs fixed.

What’s In The MOD:
Unlimited Gill (Use Cheat Menu)

Requires Android: 4.1 and UP


Version: 1.1.9


Download Links:

Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play.

Sandstorm Pirate Wars MOD APK 1.15.18

Sandstorm Pirate Wars MOD APK 1.15.18 Ubisoft’s Latest flagship Sandstorm Pirate Wars arrived on Android. Ubisoft’s is busy with their upcoming Android/ios game ac identity and meanwhile they just launched their new freemium game pirate warrs sandstorm in to google play. game is about you get to know about the game by its title what it says, pirate wars. you get to fight enemies using your war machine. and the story about this war is that world has been collapsed and you have to savage to survive in the wild world and hunt enemies. Game requires online interactivity to run and is a freemium model. you start with the war machine and you jump right in to the tutorial part. upgrade your sandcruiser , a name which is used to describe your vehicle in the game. graphics are top notch and the resolution is high enough to give you exact details of your ship’s weaponizes and enemies as well. There is energy system in order to attack other ships you have to have energies like plants vs zombies? must have sun to produce plants like that. complete levels to get new parts for your ship, and new weapons as well. take part in real pvp to earn bounties and epic weapons. each weapons with its own damage and defending systems. game is kinda fun but its recitative gameplay might bore you easily hop e to see exciting updates for this game soon. Th e game has a great concept, and is simple enough to play, but it could use more depth, as far as the battles go. Maybe introduce a free moving area that you can control the ship.  well…different and new. So I took a chance on Sandstorm and so far I’m liking the whole Mad Max vibe it’s got. The graphics are amazing for a tablet/mobile game. My only gripe would be the uneven matchmaking in the PvP arenas. You’re gonna hate that until you level up. Developers! Needs to fix this asap.

What’s New: v 1.15.18
Exciting new content and features as requested by you, the players!
– Two brand new Sand-Cruisers – the stealthy Mamba and the paralyzing Chimera
– New Attack Drones – pierce shields and rain hellfire on your enemies
– Upgrade ships 5 more levels – to level 15!
– Improve your battle strategy by examining enemy Systems after battle
– Newly purchased ships now come fully equipped!

What’s In The MOD:
Unlimited Energy

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.15.18



Download Links:

Install APK and play.

Heroes of Order & Chaos MOD Review APK+DATA 3.2.3b

For those that enjoy MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas), the idea of being able to play a portable version of a game they may have loved for years is something equally beautiful and terrible to think about. On one hand the sheer complexity inherent in a genre with such a diverse amount of heroes and items (and the combinations there of) can be mind-boggling; a truly difficult thing to replicate on a touch-based mobile gaming device. On the other hand, Action-RPGs have proven they can work, so it’s not a large leap to something like a MOBA – playing while on the go could be the perfect way for genre addicts to get their fix during the day. Heroes of Order & Chaos by Gameloft holds so much potential in its beautifully executed game, stripping back DOTA (Day of the Ancients) to something manageable on Android Devices, but connectivity woes and a refusal to balance the game towards shorter matches makes it a hard game to love. In the ordinary course of a match you’ll find yourself on a map with 2 to 4 other team mates, versing an equal number of foes while wielding the magical powers of one of several heroes. The roles are diverse, ranging from tanky individuals, to mages; fighters; and even support characters that can control the ebb and flow of battle. New update 3.2.3b arrived Heroes of Order & Chaos MOD Review APK+DATA 3.2.3b with bug fixes and all Their skills are diverse and manipulating heroes couldn’t be easier as the game accepts a multitude of inputs. You can easily make use of a virtual stick and buttons, switching targets slowly at the tap of a button, or you can simply tap the screen, moving to the spot dictated or targeting enemies with your skills. Of course all of this comes with a high learning curve – with so many champions, each with four skills (or so), and a mind-blowing amount of items to equip them with, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all too much. Thankfully you can test your skills versus AI controlled opponents, though their simplicity will give you a false sense of security when you come to verse human opponents. Unfortunately reaching that stage is harder said than done. Matchmaking spends most of its time either being broken or sitting there doing nothing, which is a shame as you’ll need arranged matches to earn experience and in-game currency to spend on unlocking more champions. More importantly, it cuts the game off at the knees, with frustrated players refusing to wait around for matches that already take upwards of 30 minutes to complete. It’s a critical misstep on Gameloft’s part and one that hopefully doesn’t kill the title as it is a truly exciting experience once you do end up in a match. Given that the game is free and AI opponents are available, there’s no reason not to try it out for yourself.

What’s In The MOD:
Go To Nick Shop and Purchase an Item and sell it right away and earn 65k Gold Coins

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 3.2.3b



Download Links:

Install APK,Download data files directly from game and play.


Mobile games on Android and there were no start out by taking a look at some Metal Slug its Metal Slug, yes you thought right it is the Metal Slug do you remember the sort of arcade side scrolling up and down and sort of world war two themed arcade shooter that takes you through areas of Europe and like i dont probably the armies when we were fighting Japan all around the world to fight basically a figment old version of Nazi Germany and it’s been turned into a game that could best be described as a base defense game not really a tower defense game but I’ll give you a good idea and it’s a game that gives you like it’s it was it’s kind of a time killing mobile game that as you log in during the day you get you know different in-game rewards like in game currency either in supplies or badges or premium stamp card things they’re the army. In game currencies called MSP use them to upgrade your little army and you can also use them to crank the mystery crank which you can crank once a day for free and win marvelous prizes so its good. just it requires farming requires grinding for resources and that’s not always at the top of everyone’s to-do list it’s really not but I do like the characters have their own unique abilities they have their own specialty powers it’s good stuff is my autopilot go for broke here is a better than me in fact I might have to restart this but overall I’d say Metal Slug is worth taking a look at it doesn’t show of premium content down your throat it. its a pretty decent game. using METAL SLUG ATTACK MOD APK 1.5.0 you will have unlimited MSP in-game.

What’s New: v 1.5.0
What’s New in Version 1.5.0
1) Addition of new Units
2) Addition of a in-Guild Matching feature to Online Battle
3) Multiple feature improvements

What’s In The MOD:
Unlimited AP

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.5.0



Download Links:

Install APK,Download data files (170 MB) Directly from game and play.